Are ASOS & boohoo Too Big & Complex?

asosThe shareholders of fashion retailers ASOS and boohoo have not enjoyed the ride for most part of the 2015 — but is there anything else that both companies should do to keep them happy?

bohooQuite simply, operationally they must continue to grow revenues while preserving their core operating margins, but it’s online where the two should also show their commitment.

Our preliminary SEO audits investigated the main features of and Here are our findings.

Complex/Big Websites

  • Both are are complex platforms due to the quantity of products and the variety of countries and languages that are being targeted. For ASOS, a soft spin-off of its online outlet offering, for instance, could make sense.
  • Their size shows in the Google UK indexed pages, including their domains and subdomains:
    • ASOS: 1,360,000 results
    • boohoo: 544,000 results


  • Canonicalisation/URLs: canonicalisation has been implemented by both companies. However, the URL structure of ASOS is better built. By comparison, the URLs of Boohoo look over-optimised at times, and need work
  • Multi-language: the correct use of multi-language features (e.g. hreflang) and sitemaps have been detected for both websites
  • Page speed: especially on mobile, this is a problem for both

On-page & Hierarchy

  • ASOS: on-page optimisation and structure are above average.
  • ASOS: more attention should be given to some landing pages (e.g. outlet), which do not present the same level of optimisation that has been detected across the site
  • boohoo: more attention should be given to its hierarchy structure, while on-page should be optimised, too.

If you want to discuss the details of our premium audits of and or to learn more about some other issues that we have detected, please contact our team at

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