Adapting To Google’s World

Are you focused on content? Is that part of your daily duties?

It’s going to get tougher.

Google mobile interface

It may be well time to make up your mind if you do not fancy Google, and learn a bit more about search engine optimisation (SEO) — whether you are a writer, a reporter, a journalist or just a content aggregator.

A Busy Week

17 June

An update on 17 June signalled that we’ll soon have to pay attention daily, more often than not, to the monitoring of Google Trends.

If your clients have high expectations on this front, just remind them that they could lose less money than otherwise would happen if their websites were not properly structured, and were filled with irrelevant content — but you should know that by now.

22 June

At the beginning of this week, Google announced the launch of Google News Lab, a macro-tool for journalists and writers that also includes a raft of other existing features (Maps, Earth, Search, to name but a few), all grouped under News Lab.

23 June

Then, rumours about a beta version of a new Google interface for mobile did not catch us by surprise yesterday — it looks like it is business as usual as so many similar changes have already taken place, but trends over the last seven days reveal the greater importance of most recent news chased by users.

One Key Point: More dynamic, real-time SEO will be required. Moreover, paid search campaigns would hinge increasingly on real-time bidding (RTB), which is the obvious outcome. Here’s a simple guide to overcoming Ad blindness for publishers by MOZ.

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