SEO Strategy - Hedging Beta

SEO Strategy

We undercut the competition by offering our clients a high-quality service at a fair price.

We assess your current website performance providing you with a tailored optimisation plan and short/long term strategy.


SEO services we provide include:

  • In-Depth Crawling – We detect whether search engines find it easy to navigate your website.
  • HTTP Status Codes Analysis – We analyse how the server side responds to customers’ requests.
  • Page Speed Load Insights – We perform page load speed analysis to improve performance.
  • Keyword Research & Mapping – We map customers’ search queries along with website structure and content.
  • Website/Page Structure – We investigate whether any search engine properly understands priorities, in terms of content and mission.
  • On-Page Analysis – We can easily tell clients whether semantic content meets ad-hoc requirements.
  • Advanced Mark-Up Detection – We believe a properly structured set-up can boost CTR performance.
  • Backlink Profile Analysis – We tell clients how brand is perceived by customers.
  • Competitors Analysis – We analyse the competitive landscape via peers activity and system optimisation.
  • Complementary Tools – The correct set-up of analytics and webmaster tools are verified.


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