Discover several moving parts of our contribution.

Research & Digital Stuff

The backbone of our services, financial research combines with digital planning via SEO, PPC, Display and other tools, based on a number of variables that we have mastered over the years.

Traditional Marketing

We do not refrain from traditional marketing techniques, but we outsource them to our trade partners as we abide by the superior returns offered by innovative SEO methodologies.

Join The Network

Do you fancy to work from anywhere as we do? We made it possible as our team members continues to grow, taking responsibility for their own work within our organisation and thanks to our daily support.

Relationships Matter

Our daily activities are often embedded in our clients’ operations. We work closely with them, producing quarterly reviews of performances that hinges on qualitative and quantitative factors.





HB Monthly Wrap – January

January Spotify Files For IPO (Axios, 3/1/2018) GoPro Is Going To Lay Off 200-300 Employees (TechCrunch, 4/1/2018) Facebook‘s Proposal Of The Year (FB, 4/1/2018) Telegram Planned $1.2bn ICO (Coindesk, 9/1/2018) Kodak & WENN Announced ICO (Kodak, 9/1/2018) Facebook‘s New Algorithm Announcement (FB, 12/1/2018) Google Announced AI Tool Cloud AutoML (Google,… Read More

HB Monthly Wrap – December

December Ford And Alibaba Team Up For Car Sales In China (Reuters, 6/12/2017) Google Is Testing A New Feature On Mobile (Google, 7/12/2017) Facebook‘s Instagram Will Soon Have Its Standalone Messaging App? (The Verge, 7/12/2017) Is Apple Going To Acquire Shazam For $400m? (Reuters, 9/12/2017) FCC Kills Net Neutrality (TechCrunch,… Read More

HB Monthly Wrap – November

November Tesla Q3 Earnings Results (Tesla, 1/11/2017)  Apple Q4 Earnings Results (Apple, 2/11/2017) Comcast‘s Xfinity Is Down (TechCrunch, 6/11/2017) Parity Wallet Disclosed A Security Alert (Parity Wallet, 8/11/2017) More About AT&T’s Time Warner Merger Lawsuit (The Verge, 21/11/2017) Apple Acquired VR Startup Vrvana For $30m (TechCrunch, 21/11/2017) FCC Will Decide Net Neutrality Regulations On December (FCC, 21/11/2017)… Read More